Residential Roofing Questions

I have estimates from 4 different contractors and they all say different things. How do I find out which contractor is going to do the roof the right way?

When estimates are gathered from a number of roofing companies the process of evaluation often becomes comparing apples to oranges. Without a background in roofing it can become even more difficult. The best way to overcome this is to provide the potential bidders with a specification to follow so pricing submitted can be easily compared. Roof Tech provides specification which not only ensure you get a top quality installation but also ensure all your financial interests are protected.

I have roofing estimates which all seem very brief and seem to lack detail?

Estimates and contracts received from roofing companies often only include a brief description of what the contractor intends to complete. Although this may function well to negotiate a price and save time in preparation, it often leaves the owner open to liabilities and risks and can easily be weighted in favour of the contractor especially, if disputes erupt during the completion of the contract. As a homeowner you deserve the protection of a proper contract document that protects ALL your interests. Roof Tech has managed millions of square feet of roofing spanning decades with proper documentation.

I had my house re-roofed 4 years ago and I am nearing the end of the warranty period. There have been a few issues throughout this period. How do I ensure I am not left with a host of problems after the warranty expires?

The best practice is to have the installation professionally inspected before the warranty expires. Roof Tech provides qualified inspectors and gives you a thorough independent report that you can then approach your contractor with to ensure any lingering issues are corrected before the warranty expires.

I have a 1 ½ year old house which is covered by a new home warranty program. Do I need to be concerned?

Although your warranty should cover you for expenses incurred. The level of your coverage may change after 2 years of age from ensuring work is properly completed to only stopping active leaks. Roof Tech recommends that inspections should occur prior to 2 yrs. And 5 yrs. To ensure deficiencies are corrected in a timely manner and your installation is serviceable for its full potential. Properly installed roofs can remain serviceable well beyond the 5 year warranty. Poorly installed roofs often require replacement anywhere from 3 to 7 years.

The contractor completed my re-roof 5 days ago. I am not confident that it is properly installed and he is demanding payment! How do I know what is right or wrong?

A qualified independent inspector can provide a thorough assessment of work completed, review your documentation and ensure that what was done meets industry standards. Roof Tech provides inspections for homeowners throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley and can even assist you to resolve outstanding issues with your contractor. This allows you to be confident in the quality of the installation before making final payment.

All the contractors I have received estimates from are asking for payment up front. Some want payments as much as 50% before work even starts! What happens if things don’t go well and I have paid so much down?

It is always risky to pay for work in advance. Although there are scenario where a small deposit may be appropriate, for the most part advance payment for work not completed is not recommended. Roof Tech can ensure that you have access to qualified contractors that do not require payment for work that is not yet completed. To properly ensure you get what you are paying for, all payments should be approved by a third party inspector consultant.

My re-roof was completed 2 months ago. Everything seemed fine, but now I am receiving legal notices that I am liable to pay the contractors unpaid liabilities at the suppliers and to workers who appear to have not been paid! The contractor is now nowhere to be found! Where did I go wrong?

As the building owner you are responsible to ensure that all parties are paid and that the contract was administered properly (commonly referred to as due diligence). This responsibility is clearly laid out in the Builder lien act. The act has mechanisms which allow the owner to limit their liabilities in the event the contractor fails to satisfy their financial obligations. Failure on the homeowners’ part to properly execute these provisions may leave you paying twice for these items. Roof Tech has the experience to ensure that all such details are properly executed and that due diligence has been performed on your behalf.