Saving Money

One of life’s most basic necessities is to have a roof over one’s head. If the roof is not properly maintained, it can lead to problems that affect the integrity of the entire home. While no roof can last forever, the primary cause of roof failure is lack of maintenance. By spending the modest amount of money for regular roof inspections, you can save thousands of dollars in costly repairs. There is little doubt that regular roof inspections save money.

Unfortunately, many home owners wait until there is a leak or obvious physical damage to a roof before hiring an inspector. By this time it’s often too late to prevent costly repairs. The better approach is to have regular inspections and get issues taken care of before they lead to associated repair costs and even major structural damage to your home.

A solid approach is to hire professionals to perform semi-annual roof inspections. These inspections, in the spring and fall, can identify and isolate small repair issues before they lead to major trouble. Inspections typically look at possible roof penetrations, flashing, gutter functions, and water run-off. Ensuring that your roof is working as designed is a gift to your family and your pocketbook.

Regular roof inspections can save thousands of dollars and extend the life of your current roof. Most inspection reports detail any roof defects and suggest repairs, as well as estimate your current roof life expectancy. A well communicated report allows you to budget and make the proper decisions for repair and maintenance.