Summer Roof Maintenance

Summer in the Pacific West Coast can get fairly warm with highs in the 30s and as few as four days of rain a month. Taking measures to maintain your roof in the summer can help prevent problems in the fall and winter when it becomes more difficult to perform maintenance. Plus, the higher temperatures and direct sunlight come with their own set of problems that need to be addressed.

Moss Growth

Moss loves wet and warm, and with higher temperatures in the summer, moss growth can accelerate. Take measures to remove moss and plant growth as well as prevent it from coming back.

UV Rays

Direct sunlight can dry out wood shingles, causing them to age faster. If your house has asphalt shingles the sun can cause blistering, shrinking, and curling of the tiles.  Damaged shingles can fall off leaving your house unprotected in those areas and prone to potential leaks and animal lodgings. It can also lead to wood rot, affecting the structural integrity of the roof.

Dry and cracking shingles can be a sign that your whole roof needs replacing, or will need replacing soon. This will be one of the things a roofing company will look at when assessing the state of your roof.

Summer Storms

Heavy summer rains and high winds can also cause significant damage to any parts of your roof that are already to experience damage. Loose shingles and membranes can lift free, as well as any tree branches that were already stressed and cracking. Do an assessment after any storm to ensure nothing was damaged and needs immediate attention.


Especially important in older houses, as hot air rises it can become trapped in the attic if there is a lack of proper ventilation. This hot air creates moisture that can get trapped under the shingles causing rot.


Anything that is added on to a roof, whether it’s a chimney or skylight creates challenges for maintaining a watertight seal on the roof. If you have a skylight be sure to check for any cracking or peeling membranes to ensure there won’t be any fall or winter leakage once the rains become more frequent.

The summer is a great time to take care of any potential roof issues that may grow into major concerns later. To learn more about potential roofing concerns you should look out for or to book your annual inspection, talk to the Roof Tech team at +1.604.888.7663 or