Buying a New Home

When you’re buying a new home it’s important to spend the time and money to get the roof inspected. Houses are an investment and it’s important to understand all the financial and maintenance needs that come with it.

As a home buyer what should you do when it comes to getting the roof inspected?

Find a trusted inspector

As the home buyer, you will likely be making the investment to hire the inspector ($300-500). This means you have every right to select the inspector to ensure they do a proper job. Do a background check and ask for referrals. Don’t be afraid to give their referrals a call, a few quick questions can make all the difference.

Be there for the inspection

Many home inspectors will be certified to look at the roof as well as the rest of the home. When it comes time to look at the roof, make sure they do more than a visual inspection from the ground. You can ask the inspector questions before you even hire them, to ensure that a thorough roof inspection is part of their process.

When they get up on the roof they should be checking for:

  • loose or cracked shingles
  • cracked or missing flashing
  • potential leaks
  • mold or mildew
  • indication of animal lodgings

Negotiate with the seller

Once you have the assessment back from the inspector there are a few routes you can take. First, the repair cost and time may make the purchase not worth it. Second, ask the seller to lower the cost of the house. For example, if there’s $20,000 in repairs, they will lower the selling price. Third, ask the seller to make the repairs prior to the purchase.

Taking the third option can be risky and can mean more negotiating between yourself and the seller. You need to ensure the roof is repaired properly by a professional, so that you’re not doing more repairs once you own the house.

The second option is often the best as it leaves you in control of the repairs. Some repairs may need to be done immediately, while others can wait. Plus you choose the company that does the repairs.

New roofs

Some home owners may have recently repaired or replaced their roof, knowing that it adds value to the sale. If this is the case, ask to see the paperwork of what repairs were done and by whom. Again do a background check on the company and still have the home or roof inspector check out the roof to ensure there are no unwanted surprises.


In the Pacific Northwest, heavy rains are common throughout the year, making roof inspection incredibly important. Cracked or rotting shingles can cause significant damage if left untreated. Even if a home is new or had recent roof repairs it’s important to have the roof inspected by a trusted professional before making a purchase on the home. Ensuring your investment is taken care of.

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