As an institutional manager, you have been invested with a great responsibility

Maintaining the value of institutional properties over the long run requires planning skills that few people possess.

As your roofing solutions provider, we too feel that we have been invested with a great responsibility. We know that a roof is a costly and crucial asset, and we want it to last beyond what its project design promises whenever possible. In our work providing roof evaluation and condition reports, specifications/tendering, and quality control for institutions, we strive to help our clients realize tremendous savings and reduce waste.

We Can Help

  • By minimizing total long-term cost of roof maintenance
  • By identifying key areas to initiate a phased repair
  • By providing budget specifications and tendering support for re-roofing

Institutional Success Stories

University of the Fraser Valley, Trades and Technology Center
$1,000,000 saved
School District No. 38 (Richmond)
$350,000 saved
Surrey Memorial Hospital
$100,000 saved

Total savings on these three projects alone was $1.45 million

Savings and Social Responsibility

We are proud to be a socially responsible company. As part of our institutional roofing services, we provide cost savings to our clients in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver, and Greater Vancouver Regional District while minimizing the environmental impact of our projects. That means achieving greener solutions wherever possible by integrating existing materials into new roof assemblies. This smarter, greener approach has transformed thousands of cubic meters worth of waste into useful roofing materials. Clients reduce their carbon footprint while capturing savings that may reach in excess of one million dollars per project.

Roofing Services

Evaluation & Condition Reports

Our detailed roof condition reports allow you to make informed decisions about your roof maintenance and roof replacement budgets and timelines.

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Specifications & Tendering

We produce thorough roof specifications and support you through the tendering process, allowing you to secure the best roof system at the most competitive price.

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Quality Control Inspections

We monitor and manage your roof installation project to ensure exceptional workmanship and to collect all pertinent documentation to protect your investment.

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