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If you need a roof repair or a roof replacement, defining the scope of this expensive, complex roof construction project could be quite daunting. You want to secure the best possible outcome: a cost effective roofing system that will meet your needs and last beyond its designed life cycle.

Unfortunately, there are many roof construction contractors who will cut corners and provide a lower level of service than you need and deserve. Without critical roof construction industry knowledge, what can you do to protect yourself and the gravely important investment you are making?

Our Solution

We provide specifications and tendering services to property owners or managers in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver, and Greater Vancouver Regional District who want to ensure that they are getting the maximum value out of their roofing investment. By creating specs for new systems and roof replacements, and managing the tendering process, we help fill the knowledge gaps that could cause undesirable outcomes.


Our specifications are thorough and detailed, reflecting 45 years of data-driven roofing expertise. They facilitate roof replacement and roof installation projects that are appropriate for our clients’ needs, and use the best roofing materials.  Plus, they are customized for budget considerations.


When we manage the tendering process for a client, our goal is to secure the highest quality workmanship at the lowest price. We only accept contractors with proven track records; our clients can rest easy that they will receive what they are paying for. Why should a roof cost more than it needs to?

Our tendering work ensures all contractors are bidding on the same scope of work, with the same roofing materials. This makes for a fair yet competitive bidding process, and allows for the roofing system that best fits your budget and roofing needs.

Our Goal

We will work hard to ensure that you receive the best product for the best price and have a safe roof installation or roof replacement experience with an honest, qualified roofing contractor.

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