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There is perhaps no home ownership project as daunting as maintaining and, when necessary, replacing a roof. Unfortunately, a lack of knowledge can sometimes make homeowners like you targets for blue-collar crime: shoddy workmanship and service that does little to extend the life cycle of your roof.

As roofing experts, we are intent on saving homeowners in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver, and Greater Vancouver Regional District time and money by guiding them towards the right roofing solutions at the right times. By providing roof inspections to homeowners, we can identify roofing damage before it causes serious—and expensive—problems. After all, the cost of a routine roof inspection is minor when compared to the cost of a roof replacement.

Why you need expert support to understand the condition of your roof

Unless your roof started leaking, would you realize it was damaged? The experts at Roof Tech are professionally trained roof inspectors with over 45 years of experience. We’ve developed precise technical methods for surveying the health of roofing systems. Our roof inspectors are also well aware of how particular roofs react to certain environmental factors (e.g., wind, storms, rain, etc.).

When you understand what the condition of your roof truly is, you are in a position of power. Receiving a roof inspection report from an impartial roof inspector helps you to make the best financial decisions moving forward. Unfortunately, many roof construction companies are known for scamming homeowners with cheap tactics and shoddy work. But Roof Tech will arm you with an accurate estimation of future roof repair costs.

We Can Help

  • By providing independent evaluations to help you budget for roof repairs
  • By making roof maintenance recommendations

Roofing Services

Evaluation & Condition Reports

Our detailed roof condition reports allow you to make informed decisions about your roof maintenance and roof replacement budgets and timelines.

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Specifications & Tendering

We produce thorough roof specifications and support you through the tendering process, allowing you to secure the best roof system at the most competitive price.

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Quality Control Inspections

We monitor and manage your roof installation project to ensure exceptional workmanship and to collect all pertinent documentation to protect your investment.

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