Installing and maintaining a roof is a major investment

You want that investment to go as far as possible. Project managing the installation of a new roof can be a complex, stressful challenge. Maintaining that roof after it’s been installed isn’t much easier. How do you know the decisions you are making will secure the best possible outcome: a cost effective roofing system that lasts beyond its designed life cycle?

Our Solution

If you don’t understand the roofing industry the way we do, ensuring quality control for roofing projects is no easy task. That’s why we provide critical roofing installation and maintenance project management services to property owners and managers in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver, and Greater Vancouver Regional District. By providing oversight and consultation for roofing projects, we ensure our clients’ investments go as far as possible.

Roof Installation Project Management

If you are paying for a new roof installation or a roof replacement, why not enlist our expert support to help manage and supervise your roofing contractors? Not only will we ensure contractors are following specifications and delivering quality service, we will also take key managerial and administrative tasks off your already full plate.

Reduce stress by allowing us to:

  • Facilitate change orders or variances to the contract when surprises arise on a project
  • Coordinate roofing contractors with other trades (e.g., mechanical, plumbing)
  • Manage day-to-day aspects of the project
  • Pre-approve invoices before billings go to you
  • Manage progress meetings

Roof Maintenance Programs

Routine maintenance will keep your system in watertight condition, ensuring your roof costs less. Our roof inspectors can create and manage a maintenance program that will protect you from unnecessary roof repairs or roof replacements, saving you money in the long run. Plus, we’ll ensure you’re only paying for services you actually need, so you know you’re not spending more on your roof than you need to.

Take the guesswork out of roof maintenance by allowing us our roof inspectors to:

  • Perform regular inspections to determine the condition of your roof
  • Provide timely maintenance recommendations

Our Goal

We will work hard to ensure that you get the best, most cost effective roofing system, and that you maintain it such that it lasts beyond its designed life cycle.

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