Five Dangers of Roof Leaks

Fall in the Pacific West Coast is accompanied by heavier and more frequent rainfall. This means that protecting your roof from leaks is a huge priority. Left unattended to roof leaks can lead to long term damage and cost property managers and homeowners a significant amount to repair as leaks can damage more than just the roof. Here are 5 dangers that can be caused by roof leaks.

Wall and Ceiling Damage

Sometimes the most obvious leaks can be noticed on the ceiling when dark spots begin to form or the plaster begins to bubble. When located near a wall the leak can also extend down the wall damaging paint. Ceiling fans and lights, and wall mounted lights can also be damaged if they are in the affected area – which can also lead to electrical damage.

Mold and Mildew

Ignoring even a small leak in your roof can lead to mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew can then spread throughout other parts of the home, including carpets, furniture, and clothing. Not only is mold and mildew difficult to get rid of, and costly, it has serious health concerns, especially for those with existing lung or immunity health issues.

Fire Hazard

When water begins to leak into areas with electrical wiring you increase the chances of potential fire from an electrical short circuit. Because the wiring is behind the walls, unless you identify the leak right away, you may not notice the potential for damage until it’s too late.

Slipping Hazard

If the leak starts to drip onto hardwood or laminate floors it can become a slipping hazard. Especially if there are young or active children, or elderly individuals in the home.

Structural Damage

Another major issue is the potential for structural damage to ceiling joints and wall framing. Exterior trim can also be affected depending on the location of the leak. If the leak is chronic, the wood can begin to weaken and eventually rot. If ceiling joints are affected it can cause the ceiling to collapse, causing further damage to anything underneath. When the problem gets this serious it requires a professional contractor to repair/replace and will incur significant costs.


Even small leaks can become serious issues. Taking care of a leak when it is just forming prevents further serious and costly damage. Small leaks can be easily identified and fixed through regular roof inspections. An added benefit of regular roof inspections is that most roofs come with a warranty, so if your roof is leaking due to an improper installation, the roof inspection can identify and help you get it fixed properly at little to no cost.

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